Our solution eliminates the need for:

Hubspot. Kajabi, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft Clickfunnels, Calendly

Unlimited email marketing at your fingertips. Send drip campaigns, bulk emails, or individual emails with a click of a button!

Keep a database of past, current, and future clients so that you can send promotional material, and keep a log of client conversations and project updates that are important to your team.

Track your sales and conversion rates so that you can see the full financial picture of your business. Analyze what products/services are bringing in the most revenue, and which sources are bringing the most leads.

Run your membership site or online courses directly through the app: lock content when user’s billing fails, upload videos, upload pdfs, track course progress…all in one place.

Create unlimited landing pages and sales/marketing funnels with ease. And you don’t need to be techie to get it done, with our unique drag and drop funnel builder.

Schedule & Manage your appointments on unlimited calendars directly through the app (and sync with Google Calendar)


Drag & Drop Website and Funnel Builder

Send Mass or Individual Emails

Send Mass or Individual Text Messages

In-page Chat Widget

Send Direct Messages, Directly From the Platform, via Facebook Integration

Send Pre-recorded Voicemails to Customers

Make Phone Calls From the Platform

Automate Customer Service Emails and Text Messages Based on Actions that Your Staff or Customer Takes

Schedule Appointments & Manage Calendar

Capture Automated Reviews from Your Customers (Integrated with Google Places)

Create Sales Pipelines & Track Your Potential/Earned Revenue

Add Staff Members to Your Account with Permission Controls

Automatically Assign Tasks to Staff Members

Upload Video Content & Grant Membership Access to the Content (e.g. Online Courses)

Design HTML/CSS Email Newsletters


We can setup your entire system, dashboard, and automation sequences:

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CRM & Pipeline Management


Email Marketing


Unlimited Sales Funnels


Website Builder


Administrative Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free trials?

We offer free cancellations and no contract/obligation packages. If you don’t like the service, you may cancel at any time.

Will this solution sync with Google Calendar & Gmail?

Yes! The system syncs with both Google Calendar and Gmail – and the setup time to get them synced is about 3 minutes.

What if I have a website already?

This app is used to superpower your website. If you already have a website you’re proud of, then this app will be the icing on the cake! If you don’t have a website, you will gain access to our premium website templates so that you can launch your clean, elegant website within hours of becoming an app subscriber!

Can I export the contacts I add in the CRM of this solution?

No, we don’t offer free trials. We do, however, offer 100% free consults and free demos so that you can see the system and ask us as many questions as you’d like.

Can someone from your team setup the solution for me, if I don't want to do it by myself?

Absolutely. We have a customization service for anyone who would prefer to delegate the setup of the app!

Is there a contract or long-term obligation?

No, we don’t offer free trials. We do, however, offer 100% free consults and free demos so that you can see the system and ask us as many questions as you’d like.

Will I have to change my phone number?

You don’t have to change your number, if you have a business phone number — however, we might have to port your current number to our preferred provider, so that it is fully functional with the app.

Can I import my contact lists from Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Emma, Active Campaign, etc.?

Yes, so long as you have the .csv file for your contact information, you can migrate the data from any software/app into our app! You can also export contact information from our app as an .csv file

How long does it take to setup the solution?
What type of support will I get?