Client Fulfilment

(Hands-Free or No Haggle)

Avg Time Saved: 12 hours per week

Top-Notch Customer Service with a Click of a Button

Communicate with your clients consistently, keeping them constantly updated as milestones are completed in their customer journey, with a click of a button.

 Do you send emails or text messages to clients when they sign up to work with you? Perhaps you have intake forms, agreements, or other documents that you need from them before you can start working. All of these items can be sent to them automatically.

 Are meetings and consultations also part of your on-boarding process for clients? Automate these scheduling needs so that you don’t have to waste time matching your schedule with your client’s schedule.

Customize Documents Using Automation

Do you want your PDF’s, forms or contracts to have the individual client’s name, phone, email, etc embedded in them, before they are sent out? That’s 100% possible.

Custom Onboarding Processes

Create a world-class onboarding process that Shepards your clients through the first phases of working with you and introduces them to your company culture.

Custom Offboarding Processes

Never forget to ask for testimonials and reviews from clients, and guarantee that your contracts are properly closed out and all necessary deliverables are in your customer’s possession.

Request testimonials & reviews on Autopilot

Custom PDF’s, Emails, Text Messages can be sent out during the offboarding stage. 














Send invoices in seconds

Send invoices to clients directly from your cell phone. Just open their contact profile, and click the “Request Payment” Button to type out a fully custom invoice that will be sent to your clients email or phone.

Automatically progress clients through your fulfillment stages

As tasks are completed by the client or your company, your system will automatically send emails and texts notifying your client of the progress and what the next steps are and the timelines for completion.

Progress on Project Can Be Monitored by Your Team

Automatic Text Messages & Emails

Hi, Jane Smith, please don’t forget to process your invoice within the next 48 hours.

No more chasing down documents and invoices

Automatically send emails and text messages to clients to request deliverables. Your system will remind the client until the client complies, and your system can notify you when the deliverables are received…or it can simply progress the client to the next step.