The Bablien race are a collection of the youngest, rarest and unquestionably cutest aliens in the Metaverse.

Each Bablien token serves as a single membership card to “The Force” which will also gain token holding members access to the Invasion Tool Shop. 999 hand sculpted 3D digital collectibles of various rarity currently in hiding on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, hosted on IPFS.

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*Adopt a Bablien here, mint before EVERYONE else, BEFORE the drop….Check out our twitter for details on how to get a Bablien for free!

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The Force is the major governing body of the Bablien race. All Bablien owners are considered members of “The Force.” Force members will be permitted to “use” their owned iteration of the Bablien for most (personal) general purposes. Owners can replicate and reproduce their specific Bablien, in specified pose with prop, and use them to their discression. Create a shirt, making a tangible print, upload as a PFP, make your own derivitave art, or even getting a tattoo are all acceptable mediums to show off YOUR Bablien!! Remeber NO COMMERCIAL USE OF THE BABLIEN or the BABLIEN brand without prior consent from well….us!!


@bablienfactory will be implementing a CLAN creation/subscription service, the first of it’s kind, to the Metaverse!! *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*


As aforementioned, owning a Bablien token will allow holders exclusive access to our online storefront, the “Invasion Tool Shop.” The INVASION TOOL SHOP will contain trademark Bablien physical merchandise and a plethora of digital assets for an out of this world retail experience.