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Are you one of those “I’ll take my headshots when I lose weight type of people?



Maybe you’ve said, I want to take headshots, but I don’t have time to go to a studio.


Well, we have a secret to tell you…

We are professional photo editors, so we can remove ANY imperfections.

Plus, we can come to your place of business to take your headshots!

So no more lallygagging.


It’s 2018! All serious professionals have beautiful, updated headshots.

Yet, there are still hundreds of people saying:

  • I’ll take my headshots when I get my teeth straightened.
  • I don’t have clear skin, so I’m waiting
  • I just need to lose 10 pounds
  • I hate being photographed!

Or worse…

Some people are doing their own headshots on their phone and then attempting to edit their blemishes by just throwing a horrible blur filter over their face.

And then there are those who feel like “I don’t need a headshot.”

…Until they start getting really serious and doing business with big corporations and someone sends that email they had been dreading.

You know, the email that says, “Hey! Can you please send us a photo of you for our marketing collateral.”

We hate seeing our clients experience this chaos!


We do not want you to have a moment where you feel ill prepared for an opportunity because you don’t have a high quality headshot!


That’s why we have committed to this headshot promotion! 

We are guaranteeing you: 

  • A quick turnaround time

  • High quality images

  • Unlimited outfit changes

  • Professional edits

  • LinkedIn and social media ready edits

Premium Photography at Your Convenience

High End Photo Editing

Our job is to make you look like you belong on the cover of a magazine.

We'll Come to You

We can setup our mobile studio at your place of business, or you can come to our studio in Houston’s Museum District.

Quick Turn Around

Same day delivery of unedited photos, and 24 hour delivery of basic edits.

Basic Photo Edits include only:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Blemish/Acne/Bump Removal
  • Eye Sclera Whitening

Premium Photo Edits Include:

All items in the basic photo edit, plus…

  • Weight manipulations (making skinnier/heavier)
  • Application of makeup
  • Hair cut/ Hair line edits
  • Double Chin removal
  • Any other edit that may be requested (see below)

Our Most Requested Photo Edits:

    • Remove Acne/Bumps
    • Remove Blemishes
    • Remove Scars
    • Fix Skin Discoloration
    • Even Out Tan Lines
    • Remove In-Grown Hairs
    • Eliminate Double-Chin
    • Remove Crows Feet on Eyes
    • Remove Bags Under Eyes
    • Remove Tattoo
    • Whiten Teeth

    • Whiten Eye Sclera
    • Remove Veins from Skin
    • Remove Veins from Eye (Sclera)
    • Apply Makeup Digitally

Happy Clients

“My Pure Conceptions Photographer, Taren, was extremely professional. She assisted me in taking the headshots and assured me that I would get the best one. She made sure that I was satisfied with my headshot no matter how many times she had to take them. I even had eye complications and Taren took care of it in edits. Taren was patient and extremely pleasant to work with and I am more than pleased on how my headshot turned out.”

Leonidia Glasper

“Thank you so much! You all are really talented! Just so much wow! :D”
Alison Anglin

“Throughout law school I have taken many headshots to try out different photographers and really begin self-marketing and building my brand as a future attorney. It wasn’t until I received the headshot Taren, my Pure Conceptions Photographer, took that I truly felt comfortable and began to actively using it in all marketing/brand building materials. Highly recommend her skills, professionalism and quality work.”
Daniel Chavez

Affordable Packages for Any Serious Professional

For a Limited Time Only, The Premium Individual Session is Priced at $78 Off if you have the promotional code!