What is Included in Website Maintenance

  • Testing your whole website periodically: We will test the site to make sure that all features work, no links are broken, plugins are updated (and where a plugin license needs to be renewed; we will inform you as that information comes to our attention)
  • Testing browser compatibility: Test whether your website works correctly in several versions of mainstream browsers at least once a year.
  • Testing your forms and checkout process quarterly: At least once a quarter, we will make sure all your forms and your checkout process are working properly.
  • Checking for software updates monthly: Check for software updates from your hosting provider, security provider, and other third parties monthly. These updates help ensure proper functionality and security. We will also update/upgrade and install patches as they’re released, if possible.
  • Backing up your website: Backing up your website can save you from losing a huge amount of time and money if something goes wrong with your site. If you have an automatic backup feature, we will check that it’s working each month. If you don’t have automatic backups, complete a manual backup at least once a month.
  • Checking for vulnerabilities: If you are experiencing ongoing spam or malicious attacks on your website, we will need to address these issues and the solution for them as part of the website maintenance package that you have


What is NOT Included in Website Maintenance

  • Content Changes: Need new photos or text added to your website? Need new verbiage to be added to your website’s Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or other contracts?
  • Adding Additional Pages/ Menu Items to the website: Do you want to add a new page to the website for temporary or permanent use (e.g. landing page, event ticket pages, bio pages)?
  • Changes to logos, icons, or other design elements: Have a new logo or want to add the logo(s) for brands that you have worked with recently?
  • Migration of Blog Posts (Importing or Exporting): Need to import blog posts from another website or want to add blog posts at bulk, to be published on a timer?
  • Exporting Contact Lists or Form Submissions/Entries: If you have a CRM built into your site or want to review a form submission from your website visitor, we consider this “online business manager” tasks, and we do not include these requests in our maintenance packages.

Please use the link to request changes that are not included in your maintenace package: pureconceptions.com/support-ticket 


Why aren't content updates included in maintenance?

The majority of content changes and updates to the website can be done by all of our clients — without our help — because most changes don’t require an extreme amount of technical skill once the website is live. However, we understand that some business owners don’t want to risk breaking their site, so we have a discounted support ticket form that allows (a) our clients to submit website changes for $65/hour (instead of our standard $95/hour) (b) our team to act as tech-support and make changes to the site with less error and in a faster manner.

How do I know if I have a maintenance package?

All of our clients have one year of maintenance, which begins on the day that we are hired, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. We consider the day that we are hired as the day that the first project deposit was made.

What can I do if my maintenance package expires?

If your maintenance package expires, you have two options (1) you can enroll in a month-to-month plan for $65/month, which covers 2 hours of maintenance per month or (2) pay us to do maintenace only when an issue has arisen at our standard hourly rate of $95/hour. 

Can I make changes to my site on my own?

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to be hands-on with their website, especially if their website is a substantial revenue driver for their business. However, please note, that we do not repair, or recover websites/website pages that are damaged, dropped, or otherwise destroyed because of owner-error. So, please be sure to backup your website prior to making ANY changes…watch this video tutorial on backing up your website:  https://vimeo.com/318313214

How to submit a maintenance request

If you notice that your site is not working properly, or there is a functional issue like (1) pages not loading after 7 seconds or more (2) images or design assets not showing up when the site is fully loaded or (3) buttons, links, and/or menu items not working, please emails us at booking@pureconceptions.com and use the subject line: EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE. All other maintenace requests should be sent to us via the Support Page:

Support Ticket