“How Technology Can Eliminate Entrepreneur-Overwhelm and Give You Freedom, Flexibility, & Purpose Instantly”

…even if you are a non-techy person!

Hosted by:
Taren Marsaw,
Creator of From Website to Personal Assistant
Since 2015, Taren Marsaw has helped entrepreneurs use automation to double productivity while working far less hours & eliminate overwhelm/stress.


She’s worked with small business owners, corporate employees in transition, professional athletes/entertainers, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies to help them structure their online presence so that their websites work just as hard as they do.
THE CUP FORMULA: Learn the essentials to thinking like a boss, and not an employee so that you have the necessary thought-process to begin ridding yourself of time-robbing tasks and delegating them to your website

S.M.A.R.T. ENTREPRENEUR STRATEGIES: Learn how your marketing efforts get you DRAMATIC results when connected to your website properly

MASTER NETWORKING WITH A CLICK OF A THUMB: Learn how a 5 Step web-system that you can put in place TODAY can turn you into a marketing maven, who NEVER AGAIN drops the ball when it comes to networking

{BONUS} HIDDEN GEM: The must-have (and FREE) software you can begin using TODAY to automate tasks.