Compilation And Review Services

Compilation and Review Services

AFC offers businesses in South Florida thorough Compilation and Review Services. Compilation and Review Services lend credibility to your business’s financial statements without necessitating an invasive auditing process.

Our Compilation Services produce accurate compilations of your financial reports, and our Review Services provide a detailed assessment of your company’s accounting practices and financial operations.
Understanding financial operations

What Are Compilations And Reviews?

Compilations and reviews are accounting services that are separate yet interrelated.

Each service provides a level of financial oversight that helps you understand your financial operations, lends credibility to your financial reports and enables you to obtain funding to grow your business.

A compilation is a collection of your financial reports presented with a cover page written by a CPA. The CPA performs a cursory look-through on basic elements of your financial report to write the cover letter, which gives a limited amount of assurance of your financial reports.

Years Experience

During the review process, a CPA combs through your financial statements to identify accounting errors or misstatements and analyze balances to determine expectations going forward.

A review is similar to an audit, although not as invasive, and provides additional credibility to your financial statements. 

If you utilize AFC’s Accounting Advisory Services in conjunction with our Compilation and Review Services, you have the peace of mind that your financial statements are correct and detailed year-round. Therefore your compilations and reviews are thorough and accurate.


Reasons To Obtain Compilation And Review Services

There are several reasons to obtain Compilation and Review Services for your business.

Benefits For New And Small Businesses

New and small businesses do not typically have the in-house staff with the knowledge or time to perform compilations and reviews. Foregoing financial reporting can lead to chaotic accounting and unnecessary losses. Therefore, working with an outsourced company such as AFC is a good idea to ensure your company’s finances are in order.

Credibility Without Audit

Audits can be an invasive and intensive process. Public companies require audits; however, if you own a private business, an ideal solution may be Compilation and Review Services from AFC. With our Compilation and Review Services, your business financial statements are compiled and reviewed by certified CPAs, which gives you more credibility and oversight. 

Need A Line Of Credit Or Investors

Compilation and Review Services provide a level of credibility to your financial statements. Although audits are the gold standard, they are an expensive and involved process; therefore, obtaining a Compilation and Review Service is an excellent first step that shows lenders and investors you are operating efficiently.

Long-Term Business Planning

With AFC’s Compilation and Review Services, you’ll have financial records and reviews you can use as your business grows and changes. The review process provides insights into your company’s financial data, which you can use to lean into areas that benefit your bottom line the most. This helps you develop a business plan for success.

Our Compilation And Review Services

AFC’s Compilation and Review Services are based on our adherence to professionalism and accounting standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We follow the guidelines presented in the Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS) to give your business thorough, detailed, and accurate compilations and reviews.

Our Compilation Services Include:


Gathering company financial data from management


Structuring the data into financial statements


Utilizing our expertise to correctly format the data for your industry

Our Review Services Entail:


Reviewing financial data to identify accounting errors


Making inquiries related to your business’s accounting practices


Analyzing prior and current year balances to determine expectations

Additional Services

Additional Accounting And AFC Services

Along with our Compilation and Review Services, AFC offers Tax Services and Accounting Advisor Services. When used in combination, these services provide your business with a comprehensive array of outsourced financial services that take the stress off of you and allow you to focus on operating your business. We have a team of qualified CPAs familiar with tax filings for corporations, small businesses, and individuals who use their experience to handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs expertly.

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Get Accurate Financial Compilations And Reviews

If you want your financial statements to gain credibility with lenders or need an accurate overview of your company’s financial operations to understand how they affect your business, obtain Compilation and Review Services with AFC. Call (561) 336-5755 or email AFC’s Principal at to find out how our Compilation and Review Services can give your business a solid financial base from which to grow.