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Package 1 includes the following benefits:

✓ Custom Design so that your site is unique and has a visual aesthetic that stands out to your customers and reflects your branding.

✓ Custom Branding because your business should be memorable for your customers and every time they think of your company they should imagine a visual picture in their head that screams quality and professionalism. Your branding across your website is critical in building trust, cementing your brand identity, and establishing your business as an authority in your industry.

✓ Contact Form that can be built out so that the appropriate staff member receives the visitor’s message, based on what the visitor selected as his/her subject line or areas of concern…so that (1) customers can specify their exact needs and (2) messages are organized and can be responded to quickly and efficiently.

✓ SEO Ready text on your site to ensure that Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are able to properly determine what your site is about so that they can include your website in search results when your potential customer is looking for the services/products you provide

✓ Mobile Ready websites that can be used with ease on any mobile device or tablet since more than 53% of website traffic comes from mobile devices

✓ Video Opener on Homepage to increase interactivity and create a visual brand-story that allows your customer to get a true introduction to your company and your company culture.

✓ Donations/Payment Processing so your business can make money 24/7 (without the need for an invoice or manual processing because you risk losing your sale with tedious processes) and your customers can receive a receipt and/or order confirmation immediately

✓ Blog if you want to keep a catalog of your press releases/ news stories or if you simply want to create authority by teaching your audience, we will give your site blog functionality so that you and your team can create content that captivates your audience, helps build trust, and brings them closer to purchasing from you

✓ Lead Generation Keep a database of potential customers by providing them with a free item (“lead magnet”) that they find valuable, in exchange for their name and email address.

✓ Welcome Video with Stock Videos welcome videos that communicate the vibe, culture and mission of your company so that the visitor is left with a lasting impression of who your company is as a brand. (This video is made with video clips purchased online)

✓ Stock Photography we will design your site using photos that we purchase a license to so that you don’t get sued for copyright or trademark infringement…both are potentially $150K lawsuits!

✓ Visitor Analytics so that you can see what is working and what needs to be tweaked on your website in order to get more traffic, retain traffic you’re already getting and convert clicks into customers!

Package 2 includes everything Package 1, PLUS the following:

✓ Embedded Maps to get to your brick and mortar location so that you can eliminate any confusion and make sure that customers can get the correct directions with a click of a button

✓ Pricing Tables if you have packages that contain different features and are sold at different prices, you don’t need to slow down your workflow with proposals and price checks, let your customer choose the option that’s best for them while they are in the mood to buy…so you don’t lose a sell and the customer is happy with their purchase

✓ Media Gallery to showcase your videos, press releases, news coverages, and photos in real-time to your guests who need visuals to understand your product or your commitment to quality and professionalism

✓ Twitter Feed to gain more followers on your account so that you can constantly stay top of mind to your potential customer and so that when they are ready to purchase a product/service your company offers, you are the first company they think of

✓ Instagram Feed to gain more followers on your account so that you can constantly stay top of mind to your potential customer and so that when they are ready to purchase a product/service your company offers, you are the first company they think of. With your Instagram feed loading on your site, you will always have an updated photo gallery so you never have to go into your site to manually upload pictures.

✓ Booking/Scheduler Let visitors book appointments, RSVP to events, signup for classes and pay booking deposits without having to play phone tag or wait for you to confirm your availability.

✓ Events/ Calendar to give your potential clients/customers on advanced notice so that they know to block off dates on their calendar…and you can have better attendance at your important functions/events.

✓ Process Applications Provide visitors with a simple way to submit applications, forms, or any other document, so that you can increase the amount of applications your company can process at one time (especially useful if you require information from a client before you can work with them.)

✓ Content/Copywriting & Audience Research Assistance by PCM will allow you to make sure that the content on your page is written in a way that allows your page to rank in search results and become a 24/7 sales machine to your ideal customers.

✓ Ability to Post a Job Opening let those visitors who might be your ideal candidate for a job, apply instantly for the role that you are trying to fill, without the headache of sending emails back and forth

✓ Ability for Users/Customers to Upload Files if you need documents, images, media, verifications, there is no better way to guarantee that these files are submitted in an organized manner than by allowing your customers to upload them in bulk during certain stages in one of your processes.

✓ Customer Database (CRM) Keep detailed notes on future, present and past clients or customers inside your website so that everyone on your team can follow up with any client on your roster, without missing a beat.

✓ Email Marketing Platform Integration Send a series of scheduled marketing emails to a potential client or customer once they provide their contact information in exchange for your lead magnet so that you can build a relationship with him/her that lets them know that the value that you can provide them is greater than the value of their dollar.

✓  Welcome Video Shot by PCM welcome videos that communicate the vibe, culture and mission of your company so that the visitor is left with a lasting impression of who your company is as a brand. (This video is made with video clips shot by PCM, specifically for your business; thus, is a more branded video.)

✓ eCommerce Component: sell products on your website 24/7 so that you can create an additional stream of income that is essentially self-ran.

✓ Online Course Portal for information to be shared in any manner you choose: for purchase, free, as a group-training, etc. and you can allow visitors who want to purchase information from you to do so 24/7 and they’ll gain immediate access to that info without you having to move a finger!

✓ Membership Portal want your customers to interact with one another? Do you need their subscription to a program to end after a certain amount of time has passed? A membership portal will help you manage your customer base

✓ Ability to Create Instant Contracts Long gone are the days of editing contracts in Microsoft Word every time you get a new client. Just type out the information that is unique to the project, and the website will generate the contract.

✓ Ability to Create Custom PDF’s Are you required to file PDF forms with a third-party? Let your website recreate those forms so that your client/customer can fill out the necessary details, and all you have to do is print the final document.

✓ Text Message Reminders Need to send reminders to customers/clients when they have a  payment/deliverable due, appointment or meeting? Let your website send automatic text messages directly to their phone.

✓ Webinar Portal so you can run your webinars 24/7 at no additional monthly cost and be able to run them evergreen or live and sale to your ideal clients on a rolling basis

✓ Progress Portal for your clients so that as you complete stages of a project, the client can see real-time movement and updates without you having to draft emails or having to get stuck doing administrative tasks when you should be spending time providing the service/product.

✓ Photography Session Nothing does more for your brand than custom photographs that communicate how established you are and how much you believe in professional quality and presentation.